Pluspower | P-Gen | The world's first portable generator with energy storage system

A new portable generator set that is very efficient, provides a constant source of electricity and consumes 10 times less fuel!


Electricity is an essential part of our lives which we cannot do without. Usually the source is from the grid! But what if there is a grid failure? Or no grid at all? There are many alternatives, from renewable sources such as sun and wind but MOST COMMONLY, used in 99% cases, is a GENERATOR.


Are there any enhancements possible to a Generator?




And quite dramatic!


Ordinary gasoline generator P-Gen
The Engine MUST work all the time to provide the supply, even at low or no load
The Engine works automatically and only for 1 to 2 HOURS A DAY
The Generator constantly BURNS FUEL at 1–3 liters per hour, no matter whether you are using little or no electricity
Fuel is used with MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY and in precise amounts equivalent to the electricity consumed! This is about 1 to 3 liters PER DAY for an average household
Electricity is available only for 8–10 hours continuously! After that the generator must be stopped for an hour or so, to cool down and to refuel
It is a constant source of electricity 24/7. No need for frequent visit to your generator to refuel. If little electricity is consumed, it might not need refueling for months!
It must be maintained every 30–40 hours of operation
Management system it will tell you when and how it must be maintained, and the frequency is not measured in time, but by the amount of electricity consumed. On average, one time in 2–3 months, when in constant use. With little electricity consumption 1–2 times a year
It is heavy (80–100 kilos) and noisy (65–75 dB) (even being enclosured)
30% smaller and 50% lighter than comparable units, making noise only a couple hours a day

Technical Specification


Power output 5 kW
Overload capability up to 7 kW for 1 minute
Fuel type, and consumption gasoline or LGP, 300 grams per 1 kW×h of electricity consumed
Fuel tank size 25 liter. Enough to produce 83kWhours of electricity
Voltage 100/120V/220/240 AC 1Ph ±1%
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz ±1%
Waveform pure sinus
Total harmonic distortion (THDV) ≤1% (Linear load), ≤3% (Non linear load)
Type of load Cos φ 0 – 1
Power availability (working time) 24/7 (up to 1,2kW×h battery capacity)
Engine Honda GX 160 (or equivalent)
Alternator 3Ph, 60VAC, 60A, 450Hz
Battery Lithium Ion, 58V, 63Ah
Safety full galvanic isolation from alternator, battery, grid (if equipped with UPS module). Short-circuit safe
Mean time before failure (MTBF) 60000 hours, or 2500kWhours of supplied electricity, whichever comes first at 24/7 operation
Operating temperature (Celsius) -10c – +40c
Operating humidity 0 – 98% RH @ 0 – 40c non-condensing

Extra Modules Embedded


UPS P-Gen can be used as on-line UPS with double transformation
Parallel Work up to 9 generators connected together in paraller can provide up to 45kW. 3 P-Gen generators provide three-phase electric power
Extra Li-Ion Battery will increase power supply capacity
Remote Control through WiFi or 3G modem. LoRa WAN as an option.
Solar Panels Module up to 4 solar panels of 300W can be connected – providing up to 1.2 kW



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